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Silly me, is there something happening up here in good 'ole Canada? Sorry, I keep getting distracted by the fact that Armageddon is occurring in the largest economy in the world.

Apparently, lots of Hyperbole is occurring there, too.

Well I thought I was saying it with flair. Ok, it's not quite TEOTW. But, Garth, are you fully aware of the situation right now? Serious stuff.

And to Stephen, no intended disrespect. You're insight and knowledge is appreciated.

The only way I (or pretty much anybody) could not be aware of the seriousness of the situation right now is if I or they had just returned from a multi-year mission to Alpha Centauri.  My point was simple: there isn't a situation on Earth that can't be made even more tense than it already is by overstating its impact. I've been through the S&L crisis, various and sundry "Black" stock-market days, the dot-com bubble bursting (that was particularly hard on me), the NEP (the effects of which led to the only times in my life when I was involuntarily unemployed), the "lost generation" years of the early 1980s, and so on ad nauseam.

The world is still here.  And it will be tomorrow, too, regardless of how the Americans sort out their laundry.

I always feel a little embarrassed when Liberal MP John McCallum, formerly a professor at McGill's economics department, defends lame, silly ideas like restoring tax breaks to income trusts.

Can you blame Prime Minister Stephen Harper for treating his constituency like it is ignorant or stupid?

As for the envy-driven NDP, that conflict-of-interest riddled party simply wants to confirm its well-deserved reputation as bad economic managers and incredibly bad managers of public natural resources.

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