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The more I watch Barack Obama's overall performance...

...the more I miss Hillary.

I only wish I could vote in the US elections. Barack Obama is a true leader!

There's likely to be something of an electoral contest next Fall among the Liberals and New Democrats over who can properly claim the Obama mantle in Canada.

I heard Jack Layton at a BBQ for candidate Mike Bocking in Mission BC this weekend, just after the Vancouver Pride Parade, say that if the progressive voice in the US on energy, Democrats led by Obama, can be teamed up with the progressive voice in Canada, Layton's own New Democrats, the results could be very impressive.

canada seems to be prosecuting those with verbal opinion(oral or written)..
that of course is not lunacy

That's why I don't understand why Canadians don't kick Harper out of office he is another Bush Clone. But at least John McCain pretends that he wants to change things. Harper calls new ideas too risky.

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