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It is a fact that in an economy in the initial stages it need the external investment and once it is self sufficient then it has all the rights and freedom to protect its ecomy from outside investment and influence,I an in for the author view .

I understand why competitive advantage works.
What I questions is the actual macroeconomic situation.
If you have a large country that controls the worlds de facto reserve currency and they persue a super easy monetary policy; aren't their firms then subsidised in the credit department? Were the Alcan and Inco purchases essentially easy money frauds based around loose monetary policy from the USA? Granted, the bubble has bursed and the shoe is now on the other foor, but Canada no longer has a minining company left to act as an international aggregator. Maybe there was a case for regulation based on America's fiscal policies?

Err, Canada still has integrated miner Teck Cominco which owns copper, coal, zinc, lead, gold, molybdenum and oilsands assets throughout the western hemisphere. the dual class share structure protects it from hostile takeover.

Market cap is a modest C$17 Billion. The acquisitions in recent years have been inspired. Nothing less.

Want more Canadian majors? Lobby for a national securities regulator.

Ummm maybe Canada can loan the US some money. I think they are going to need a few trillion in spare change here pretty soon.

"But in the past few decades, foreign ownership has become an obsession for Canadian nationalists, and - to the chagrin of sentient observers - they've been occasionally successful in making it difficult for foreigners to invest in Canada."

Funny, but South Korea and Japan discouraged foreign investment, yet their ecomonies grew much faster than ours over the last 50 years... imagine how things would`be if they had followed laissez faire policies and let the Big Three buy up their auto industries when they were small and vulnerable to takeover.

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