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I'm sure the environmental zealots like Suzuki et al don't mind using my tax dollars to pay for the symbolism. In fact his address to the Canadian Club? basically said this outright. I also found it amusing that he was "proud" that Mr.
Chretien signed on to Kyoto not because of any particular cost benefit analysis or evidence but because he believed that signing Kyoto was the right thing to do. I stress "he believed" as in belief. To me a belief in something is something that cannot be proved or quantified. This is acceptable strategy in some areas of life but not when mobilizing a country's resources. I also found it amusing that Mr. Suzuki believes Kyoto is now international law and we as in Canada and our PM in particular are guilty of contempt of law and criminals. The sad part is about a third to half the audience clapped in approval of this statement. And these people are supposed to be the thought leaders of our country. Granted there is evidence of systematic global warming and part or in whole due to our wasteful energy use. But anything Canada does will have no impact. Let's face reality Canada is not the growth pole that it thinks it is . To solve the problem just look at China, India, SE Asia and Eastern Europe. We have to do our part but don't let the zealots force us back to the middle ages.

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