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I've had one problem with comparisons of our performance relative to the USs under, the one Wells characterizes as a whopper, which I've been too lazy to completely validate. As part of Kyoto countries had to provide mountains of data to indicate how they maybe doing relative to their commitment to the treaty. At the time of the Montreal meeting we had except for a couple of years been increasing emissions, on average about 1.7% annually whereas the US was increasing at about 1.2% per annum. My problem is that a quick look at the data the 2 countries presented indicates that our increase came mainly from Alberta and Ontario and in these provinces, as best I can tell without pouring through all the details, from oil & gas production and making things. Both these categories seem to get exported lots and to our major trading partner the US. So when you have a look at the US summary data their increase seems to come from sectors other than what they categorize as industrial. To my simple mind what could have happened over the 14 year period from 1990 to 2004 was that we produced emissions for the US. It seems to me that Wells like lots of the other MSM (I haven't read his book) haven't made any real attempt to explain the problem to Canadians, independent of ones political allegiances. Since we seem to be a price taker if new standards are required by some level of gov't which imposes an additional cost on production of oil & gas or any manufacturing or other products we sell to our major trading partner who picks up the cost? Does it fall on the owner of the capital or is it labour? We'll see what Harper and Layton concoct, it could be pretty funny. The general simplistic reports in the MSM and Harper - they didn't do anything now we are stuck - are just dumb. However nothing I've seen yet from any of our glorious parties, the greens included, lay out the potential problems for a small trading economy like ours for the population nor take a look around at what maybe be being done in similar economies too ours. I suspect it will come down to us moaning as usual that once we know the choices they aren't necessarily too great.

Well said.

I concur with this article.... specifically the parts about Liberal waffling and the conservatives getting it done. It is also interesting to note that "1 in 3 conservatives consider the green party to be their second choice". I would agree with this statement in so much that it illustrates that conservatives aren't just capitalists out to make a buck, they also have a social conscience.

too true... the US imports 1.8 trillion and exports 1 trillion...and all those co2 emissions are charged to other countries ,including canada..
show the US,you are made of a superior moral fiber and stop exporting..that'll teach the US..

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