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You must be kidding. First of all, I'd say all this is pretty good evidence that mayors and MPs are massively OVERpaid. The skill set most MPs have would earn them a much smaller salary in the private sector (employers don't just hand out $150K to some moron who knows how to spew drivel but has no powers of analytical thought). Second of all, being a politician is not SUPPOSED to be a full-time job. It was supposed to be something you do as a civic activity and not a profession. Increased salaries have created professional politicians who have never created a thing of value in their lives (and destroyed a great many). Third of all, a system in which people can set their own salaries without any accountability to anyone AND with the power to forcibly extract the money required to pay those salaries from their neighbours is completely indefensible.

These people are pigs with their snouts in the trough. In a just world, they'd be in jail for theft.

Agreed with above; this is more about the mayor of Toronto being paid too much, than it is MPP's being paid not enough.

If paying $1 million dollars ensured top-quality MPP's I would be all for even that much, but given what we see I think lower salaries would attract a more honest crowd.

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