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I think this is, as you suggest, more to do with the Economist than anything else. I think it's because they can't distinguish us from the USA unfortunately. It does have an effect on my impression of the magazine as a whole. If you can't distinguish one medium sized country from its big neighbour, why should I trust you to tell me what else is going on in the world?

Wasn't it the Economist that was trumpeting Canada's coolness a couple of years back? Or was that someone else? On the travel data: what's the average inbound tourism, rather than net tourism? I could obviously be wrong, but I thought winter was a popular time to travel to Canada, precisely because of all the snow. Is it just Canadians fleeing the cold that make the net visitors numbers weaker in winter.

In a similar vein, I get annoyed when Canadian governments compare Canadian fiscal policy, say, only to G7 countries. Why not Australia (all round a very good comparison)/other OECD countries? Actually, I know the answer to this on fiscal policy, at least - Canada looks a whole lot more fiscally responsible relative to the G7 than to the OECD generally.

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