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Hi Gordon: Visited your site only once before and will study it further.

Meantime you analyze Globalresearch.ca (GLOBAL ECONOMY ARTICLES) and do a precis of material on this site for general public translating it into lay terms.

What needs to be confirmed are facts, stats and projections presented there.

The site is no doubt a left gatekeeper from the halls of acadamia, so to speak, however, Chossy (nickname) is tenured economics professor at U.of Ottawa.

Will check back later since I estimate you're a credentialed, highly interested economist. I have Harvard Macro-economics course 101 and that was thirty years ago.

thanks for any and all consideration you give to this project as an invaluable service to Canadian citizenry.

Correction: That should be "could you see your way to analyzing in lay terms the Chossy GLOBAL ECONOMICS ARTICLES"

Were you aware of the fact that the ASSOC. of CANADIAN CEOs had initially proposed that the GST cut instituted by Conservative gov't be applied to Canadian social program?

As well, reports that median Canadian salary is outstripped by fact that CEOs earn at minimum 262 times that of average.

Also, percentage of foreign ownership buy-outs here in Canada. For instance, UAE group now owns Toronto's heritage site, The York Hotel.

It seems we need business sector publishing salary scales from bottom to top so to speak. At same time addressing increasing minimum/border wages.

Same for the real estate industry, banking sector particularly as they affect mortgages, etc.

Domestic economics should be number one priority on next election platform even as we address Islamic terrorism in Afghanistan and their ambitions to secure nuclear capability in pursuit of complete hegemony of Globe.


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