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I'm not Canadian, and I haven't been following this. However what it looks like to me from afar is a pretty clear cut case of voters either:

A) not wanting a tax increase, and voting for a party that is campaigning on a tax decrease is a good bet to acheive that goal.

B) wanting an tax cut, but probably not a consumption tax cut. But in the absence of a major party calling for income tax cuts, they voted for the next best thing.

So it looks to me that the Conervatives ought to simply say, "ok, we had the right idea, wrong execution. But after further study of what the people want, we are cutting income tax rates instead".

I don't think tax policy had much effect one way or the other on the election - the main issue was Liberal corruption and sleaze after 13 years in power. But I do hopw that the Conservatives cancel their plans to further reduce the GST to 5%.

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