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Thanks for this report of the convention. I was going to be there myself until life intervened, so I'm interested to hear perspectives from people actually there.

I was confused by Paul Summerville's move and the timing, too.

As far as party devisiveness, I can say from the experience of whittling down and rewriting for clarity several resolutions that came to my riding association from the Socialist Caucus that there are devisions. (Although, I have no idea which - if any - of our resolutions made it into the book, let alone the floor.) Most of the resolutions that came in were very strongly (insultingly) worded, asked the federal party to act on provincial matters or were otherwise unsuitable. Most of the people at the table (the executive and only two ordinary members) didn't like them but didn't have their own resolutions, so we ended up editing the ones that came in. :)

Thanks for this I have added you to my article NDP Convention Transparency.http://plawiuk.blogspot.com/2006/09/ndp-convention-transparency.html

As for Summerville I blogged about him leaving as well. His blog had actually not been updated till Saturday morning of the convention. I think the key here is he was grabbed by the Rae Liberal Leadership gang. I think that has more to do with it than any excuse that the NDP was going too far left economically.Sheer opportunism.

Very astute analysis:
"He was completely silent on economic policy, which is probably a good thing when talking to NDP faithful."

fun stuff! thanks!

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