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Thank you kindly for the welcome and the publicity! You can expect me to be less prolific now that my procrastination of my school work has reached an all-time maximum. I look forward to slacking off again real soon.

So why is it that there are so few Canadian economics blogs, and perhaps more importantly so few commenters, relative to, say, Australia (the other country I happen to know about)? Seems odd.

I don't know. My own theory was my first post when I started this blog last September, but if you say things are different in Australia, then I may have to reconsider.

Well, your first point was "We're Canadian", so not too much rethinking required :)

Australian economics or economicsy blogs: Kalimna, CoreEcon, Andrew Leigh, John Quiggin, Catallaxy, Club Troppo ... all are pretty good reads, and seem to have formed into quite the community, from what I can tell.

The Australian newspapers always used to have more discussion of economic issues than Canadian ones (discussion as opposed to reportage). More press commentary by economists, as well. And back when I was there, Australian economists seemed to have more of a community than Canadian economists had, even if they spent much of their time arguing with each other. I certainly wasn't remotely surprised to see that John Quiggin had taken up blogging.

It is my impression that Australian newspapers focus more on economics than Canadian equivalents, but a lot my impression was probably formed during a period of rather large economic changes for Australia, so hard for me to be sure on it.

Also: Australian unis are typically better at distance ed than Canadians, I think - maybe being isolated geographically has something to do with propensity to blog?

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