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The more time goes by I am starting to think that bilateral and multilateral free trade agreements area a bad idea. Canada, and any other economically enlightened country, should simply drop all of its trade restrictions with *everybody*, and should either end import tariffs or maintain a uniform (very) low rate of such tariffs.

It will be win/win for Canada and her trade partners.

I am beginning to think the game theory idea of "you stop hurting yourself and I'll stop hurting myself to in return" idea is just about played out. DOHA looks dead. But if Canada tries and reasonably thinks it can sign bilateral agreements with most of the world's biggest economies regardless of per capita GDP, and most of the "local" foreign economies, then the game theory approach is the way to go. But if only a tepid or nonexistent effort is made to make a plethora of such agreements then unilateral sanity is the way to go.

Why and which of his statements were wrong? what angle would you use to attack his position?



The gains from trade go to both countries, not just the one that happens to be running a trade surplus.

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