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I have no special insight as to your stats, so this is pure speculation as opposed to informed comment, but here goes:

I'm inclined to think that the median is more volatile than the mean for the same reason that a stock in a 100 stock index is more volatile than the index itself. It only represents 1% of the total (mean) average.

Stocks tend to move to a large degree as a group, but they also "do their own thing" as well. Same would seem to logically apply to median earnings. The scale you used makes it look more volatile than it really is in my opinion. Use a scale of 4.00 to 7.00 and yes there will still be more volatility (how can it be otherwise?), but it won't look "very" volatile.

I agree with happyjuggler0. If you use the same scale in both charts (say a range of 0.25 as in the top one) and it won't look that volatile.

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