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My reaction when I read that was to wonder how the two could possibly reconciliable. Either Canada Post is taking government subsidies and pricing its courier business below market rates or it runs the courier business as a market-oriented, profitable enterprise. In the first case, there's unfair competition. In the second, there isn't. But yes, the latter does seem rather implausible.

What accounts for the wide spread in price between sending a small envelope by first class mail vs sending it via courier? In other words, why is postage so (relatively) cheap?
True, the posties' daily rounds are subsidized by delivery of junk mail, but 50 cents or so for delivering an envelope to a specific address still seems remarkably low by comparison with the price a courier charges for the same service (admittedly, with pick-up and faster delivery).
If conventional mail service is an unconstrained monopoly, surely Canada Post could do a better job of gouging us.
In fact, I suspect first-class mail service is a highly constrained monopoly, despite Canada Post's apparent independence of the government. If Canada Post began operating its mail service like a classic monopoly, there'd be political hell to pay, not just from grannies mailing birthday cards, but from corporations mailing bills.
So it seems to me that Bourque's position is, at least, not implausible, because Canada Post isn't acting like a monopolist when it comes to delivering first-class mail.

did you mean to spell "connoisseur" wrong?

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