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What's that font anyways? Looks like verdana to me.


Economics is witchcraft! Get thee behind me, Satan!

Looking interesting Gordon, I shall book mark this page so I can irritate your ass (just kidding, really.)

Personally I have no issue with Canadians, academics, or even economists as far as that goes. I just find that economists far to easily discount democracy and humanity ... I think Adam Smith would not be pleased with this. Economists at Policy Alternatives seem to be better able to balance the "math" with "the humanity".

That said, so far the topics look very interesting, I look forward to future posts.

Good luck with your project.


I hope you will be able to get some of your fellow Canadian Academic Economists to contribute as well.

I'll blogroll you at and will syndicate your rss feed once I get a few things out of the way here.

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